The Driving Forces Behind The Inbound Commission Project.

Meet The Executive Partners

The individuals below represent the thousands of hours of trench work that has empowered the Inbound Commission Project's growth and ability to help hundreds thrive.

Stephen Janssen

ICP Member Success Manager, C.M.O.

Stephen Janssen is an exceptional affiliate marketing specialist who topped the charts within the ICP in his first two months, generating 5 figure months utilizing our coveted tactics promoting through Facebook. Representing the valued members of the Inbound Commission Project and management of member follow-up to ensure results, Stephen is a veteran in the space here to hand-hold any affiliates in our network to success.

Connor Smith

Founder & Program Content Creator/Director

The passionate founder of the Inbound Commission Project, Connor Smith is a millennial entrepreneur who has 6 years under his belt in the digital marketing field. With a 6-figure Digital Marketing Firm and a fast-growing Design & CRO Agency, Connor is well-versed in the social space. With hundreds of members across his consultation oriented ventures, he has now become a growing authority within the affiliate industry.

Tyler Taricco

ICP Program Top Earner & C.O.O.

Tyler Taricco, formerly an e-commerce consultant and dropshipping specialist, made the switch to the affiliate marketing industry to take advantage of the more lucrative returns in the high ticket space, and the amazing coaching available from the ICP when it was only in the project's early stages. 3 months later with well over $40,000 in sales generated to our offerings after being brought on as a sales executive, Tyler has proved to become a fundamental senior partner within our firm while helping others succeed through our trainings.

Our Innovative Approach To Consulting Success

In our vision for our team's initial creation of the ICP, we intended to create an airtight consultation process that literally guarantees the successes of all of our clients.

In the standardized, average consulting scenario, a client might sit through several hours of informational transaction over a Skype call or in-person appointment, and then are expected to have perfectly learned that information the first time around and then go out and apply it fully to consequently generate results.

The issue with this concept for the consulting model is as simple as it is sadly overlooked - if the client has any questions later down the road of application, or don't properly execute the process depicted by the consultant initially, they'll have to compensate the consultant repeatedly on an hourly basis to re-learn and re-apply that segment.

At the Inbound Commission Project, we've mastered the consulting model in such a way that is focused solely on generating real, tangible results and documenting them through our case studies, which can be found on the Case Studies Page.

In our unique approach to the traditional consulting model, we don't operate on an hourly basis, meaning you'll have unlimited access to your ICP specialist until you reach the minimum success benchmark. This means you will never have to worry about additional billings just to get the help you deserve as a valued client to our private consulting program.

Additionally, we hold ourselves accountable to client follow-up and making sure results are being consistently generated by supporting a complete, non-disputable refund after 14 days if the client has not generated a minimum success benchmark of $1,000 net profit, so long as they have fully implemented our strategies thoroughly.

Our Story

Created by affiliates who went the hard route, the Inbound Commission Project was founded off of the hard work, grit, and grind invested over years in the space by several high-level specialists, introduced below.

The mission of the ICP is to eliminate the learning curve behind affiliate marketing as much as possible. Through thorough coaching with no time caps unlike other consultants, and a personal investment into the success behind each client due to the innovational "Results-Obligated Consultation Model" founded by the ICP's initial founder Connor Smith, our consulting process ensures client success - and guarantees it on a 14 day implementation period or money back automatically.

The content and curriculum taught by affiliate-specializing ICP consultants was developed over countless campaigns and sales cycles of split tests to refine our closing scripts, engagement strategies, content distribution training, and personal branding segments. Not only this, but the ICP content library continues to grow weekly with ongoing podcasts for members from the founder, email newsletter releasing additional training and notifying members of content additions, and much more to ensure to informational transaction is as effective as possible to our clients.

The vision behind the ICP is to become the largest and most effective consulting firm worldwide in the digital marketing affiliate space, and to eventually be helping millions to achieve their financial goals through leveraging the affiliate marketing industry through our methods.

Join The ICP Affiliate Family...

Now that you know more about our team and family of high-operating affiliates, it's time for you to take your digital business career to the next level by surrounding yourself by the best.