All The Thorough Answers To Your (Most Likely) Questions.


What’s your refund policy?

As covered consistently across our website, we take pride in providing a 100% no-questions-asked refund guarantee in the case that a member has fully implemented our consultation and sales process instructions accurately, awarded at the 14th day of the sales cycle if the member has not generated $1,000 in net profits through our strategy.

The sales cycle period begins the first day that a member initiates implementation of the coaching strategies right after the first consultation call has been completed.

This 14-day timeline for the refund guarantee is called the Traction Period. This name is derived from the fact that consistent application of our methods for 14 days with proper balance between Manual Direct Prospecting and Inbound Attraction Marketing almost always results in considerable sales, averagely $500 per day after the 14-day Traction Period is completed and the member is diligent about social posting (Inbound Attraction Method).

Before the 14-day mark has fully elapsed, if the member has fully applied the training and followed the sales process depicted in the coaching, they should have generated well over $3,000 - $5,000 in 14 days as a beginner. If they haven't even broken $1,000, they will be swiftly refunded. We have not yet in the history of our firm had to refund a customer, as all have either lacked consistency and didn't fully implement the training to qualify for the refund, or they have made their profits exceed that amount through proper application.

How Frequently Are The ICP Coaches Available For Consulting With Me?

Across our network of primary coaches (Connor Smith, Caesar Aguilar, and Nathan Ross, covered on the Our Team Page), we take hundreds of calls per month. We are consistently available for coaching so long as there has been 24-48 hours notice provided to us.

This is achievable because as the nature of this application-oriented website suggests, we actively throttle our own sales in order to maintain a manageable amount of members that we believe we can adequately provide consultation and guidance for on a monthly basis.

You can view available time slot segments and schedule coaching calls through the customized Calendly scheduling tool, available to members in the back-office login section of the ICP website.

How Much Are Your Services?

The cost of our consultation will be disclosed across your application call. We withhold this initially because there are several package options and payment plan combinations possible, and we want to diagnose the proper payment approach for each of our clients. We won't let money come between changing somebody's life.