Ethical, Impeccable Client Communication

A major unique value proposition behind the ICP is our personal, 1-on-1 attention span to the success rate and results generation for all of our clients. We make sure that everybody that works with us, walks away gaining not just information, but also results.

Consistent Scaling Through Brand Growth

After your first 14 days within our coaching applying the strategies we'll show you as our client, you'll begin to have the clients come to you, instead of the other way around. This will become a nearly-passive income venture after your brand hits its engagement efficiency point.

Reach Improvement Through Proper Targeting

Second to having a solid product or service with tangible value to sell, the most vital factor to your success as an affiliate is targeting and reaching interested, warm prospects. We'll show you the best methodology on the web to gain clients dependably.

Inbound Commission Project Coaching CurriculumĀ 

Primary Direct Sales - Manual Direct Prospecting

The first strategy covered within the ICP consultation program, Manual Direct Prospecting is the approach whereby you utilize our copy swipes (copy-and-paste conversational templates designed to close at high efficiency) to close clients directly, also utilizing our unique targeting approach to identify and engage highly interested prospects literally actively looking for a product of that nature.

Manual Direct Prospecting is the key to gaining your first few sales, providing you with initial results within a condensed timeline of measurement to then promote yourself through your personal brand, utilizing the second strategy covered below, Inbound Attraction Marketing. The results gained the Manual Direct Prospecting will empower your brand to eventually automate your client flow, allowing you to sit back and close comfortably without having to grind for your sales anymore.

When implemented consistently, Manual Direct Prospecting can bring an average of 3-5 sales within a 3 hour time period. Inbound Attraction Marketing is where it really ramps up, which is covered next as you continue scrolling.

Semi-Passive Client Acquisition - Inbound Attraction Marketing

Inbound Attraction Marketing is the second and arguably most critical strategy taught to our coaching members within the ICP. This strategy allows leverage in your sales, utilizing previous results and testimonials from your customers to exponentially grow your brand and validate yourself as an authority worth listening to (and purchasing from) within the digital marketing industry.

Without Inbound Attraction Marketing, you would have to be individually seeking and closing (called Hunting in sales) each of your clients actively, which will eventually begin to throttle the growth you could otherwise be experiencing if you were to be also implementing Personal Branding & Value-Targeted Content Distribution.

Through this approach, you'll be able to grow your digital affiliate venture to a semi-passive standpoint where the only selling actions that are necessary, are signing up prospects that approach you that are already fully closed on the concept of working with you from your content narratives.

Your ICP Affiliate Venture Awaits...

By clicking the button below, you'll be able to gain access to our call scheduling tool. Through this tool, you'll be able to apply privately for enrollment within the Inbound Commission Project to become our next great success story within the affiliate marketing space by working with our exceptional, veteran consultants.